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June 8, 2017

Congratulations to Sherrie, Alison, Chika, and Tim! Dr. Sherrie Hall successfully defended her thesis and had her hooding ceremony today. Alison Gibson, Chika Eke, and Tim McGrath all submitted ther Master's Theses. Well done to all of you!

June 8, 2017

Stirling group represented at the Women in Aerospace Symposium. Prof. Stirling served on a panel at the Women in Aerospace Symposium on the academic job search and Sherrie Hall was a presenter and shared her PhD work. Additional information on the symposium can be found in this lovely write-up and pictures in this Flickr album

April 4, 2017

Conference presentations Spring 2017

Alison Gibson presented at IEEE Aerospace in March in Big Sky Montana (
Conor Cullinane and Sherrie Hall presented at AsMA’s annual conference in April (
Chika Eke will be presenting at AHFE in July (


March 13, 2017

MIT lab’s smart boots could keep astronauts on their feet

If you’ve ever worn a spacesuit during a moonwalk or EVA, and I know a lot of you have, you were probably frustrated by how difficult it was to move around — both with the restrictions of the suit itself and the limitations on what you can see and feel. Researchers at MIT’s Man Vehicle Lab want to make things easier with boots and other wearables that give the user haptic feedback warning them of obstacles they might not see.

read the full article at:

Feb. 9, 2017

Allison Gibson featured on video - These Futuristic Boots Will Prevent Astronauts From Tripping on Mars


Dec. 12-13, 2016

Richard Fineman presented at the Engineering the Upper Limb conference


Sept. 17, 2016

Allison Gibson spoke at the MIT Museum on Septemeber 17 on her research on vibrating footwear and how it can help astronauts.



August 16, 2016

Open Style Lab Logo

Stirling Group Represented in Open Style Lab 2016. Chika Eke (MS student) and Chrissy Glover (Summer Intern) have been Open Style Lab fellows this summer, designing clothing solutions for people with disabilities. They, as well as the other fellows, did an amazing job. Fast Company recently profiled Open Style Lab and highlights Chika and Chrissy's work. 


August 11, 2016

Congratulations to Prof. Stirling. Stirling has been selected to take part in the National Academy of Engineering’s (NAE) 22nd annual US Frontiers of Engineering (USFOE) symposium September 19-21, 2016. Read more in the article, Creative Young Engineers Selected to Participate in NAE’s 2016 US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium.

August 10, 2016:

Stirling Group Presented at ASB. Chika Eke presented the poster Agility Quantification Using Torso-Worn Inertial Sensors at the 40th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Biomechanics which was held August 2-5, 2016 in Raleigh, North Carolina.

July 27, 2016:

IMES Faculty Spotlight: Leia Stirling. Stirling’s team is cracking the future of wearables — from the technology itself to user-confidence — to support the next generation of remote care: telerehabilitation. Read the full article at:


July 22, 2016:

Stirling Group featured in MIT News. Avoiding stumbles, from spacewalks to sidewalks: Vibrating footwear could help astronauts and visually impaired earthlings skirt obstacles.


July 12, 2016: 

Stirling Group Presenting at HCI International. Alison Gibson will be presenting the paper User Abilities in Detecting Vibrotactile Signals on the Feet Under Varying Attention Loads at the HCI International conference in Toronto, CA next week.


June 16, 2016: 

Stirling Group Presenting at IEEE Body Sensor Network Conference. Prof. Leia Stirling is presenting tomorrow as an invited speaker at the IEEE BSN workshop titled "Integrating Body Sensing Modalities with Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Environments" organized by MIT Lincoln Lab. Her talk is titled, "A Human Systems Engineering Perspective on Designing Augmented Reality."

May 23, 2016: 

Congratulations to Richard! Congrats to Richard Fineman for passing his Oral Qualifying Exams for the HST PhD program in Medical Engineering and Medical Physics!

May 19, 2016: 

Congratulations to Tony, Jon, and Morris! Congrats to Tony Broll, Jon Schneider, and Morris Vanegas on submitting their Masters Theses and completing their requirements for graduation!

April 29, 2016: 

Congratulations Dustin! Congrats to Dustin Kendrick on successfully defending his doctoral work!

April 25, 2016: 

Stirling Group Presenting at AsMA 2016. Conor Cullinane will be presenting the abstract Mobility and Agility: Pilot Study Evaluation of Locomotion in the MIII Space Suit Assembly and Jon Schneider will be presenting the abstract A Pilot Study of Fatigue and Situation Awareness During Simulated Small Satellite Operations. We look forward to seeing you at the Aerospace Medical Association Conference in Atlantic City, NJ this week.

February 4, 2016: 

Stirling Group Presenting at HRP 2016. Richard Fineman and Conor Cullinane will be presenting on their participation in NSBRI programs at the Human Research Programs Workshop in Galveston, Texas next week, February 8-11. 

October 5, 2015: 

Stirling Group Presenting at IAC 2015. Sherrie Hall will be presenting the paper Intuitive Gesture Control for the ISS Space Station Remote Manipulator Arm at the International Astronautical Congress in Jerusalem, Israel next week, October 12-16.

July 12, 2015: 

Stirling Group Presenting at ICES 2015. Conor Cullinane will be presenting the paper Mark III Technology Demonstrator Suit: Hip Brief Assembly Bearing Analysis at the International Conference on Environmental Systems in Bellevue, WA.

June 3, 2015: 

Congratulations Conor! Congratulations to Conor Cullinane for passing his Oral Qualifying Exams for the HST PhD program in Medical Engineering and Medical Physics!

May 18, 2015 : 

Stirling Group Presenting at IEEE BSN 2015. Two papers will be presented at this year's IEEE Body Sensor Networks Conference in Boston, MA in June. Richard Fineman will present the paper "Anticipatory Signals in Kinematics and Muscle Activity During Functional Grasp and Release" and Morris Vanegas will present the paper "Characterization of inertial measurement unit placement on the human body upon repeated donnings".

April 2, 2015: 

Congratulations Prof. Stirling! Congratulations to Prof. Stirling for receiving the MIT AIAA Undergraduate Advising Award!